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Marc Bilgrey's cartoons have appeared in many publications, including, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Nickelodeon Magazine, and Funny Times.

© Marc Bilgrey, All Rights Reserved.
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we have been living in this building for 5 years plan is working

nondigital reading material

at least its not snowing

bus turning

optimist spring is coming

any other bright ideas

you and your conspiracy theories

tall nonfat latte

i tolerate new york

great first date i cannot swim

small smaller smallest apartments real estate

beer barrel polka

what did he say

proprietary technology

they seem so happy and carefree

just like being in the hamptons

two million dollar view condo

scaffolding landmark commission

very very very expensive soap

no thanks ill rescue myself

what do we do on our second date

but were facebook friends grim reaper

bus schedule fiction

writer viewer

dont text and crawl

you never talk about yourself

whats trending rocks cavemen

are we on a date a bad sign

sale on pity party items

where are my happy pills

childhood is my ball and chain

here there good to know

media never reports good news

time traveler has trouble with present setting

living hell and small talk

living hell and small talk

skier in desert to hiker do not ask

social media comic strip

plus side of losing your mind headache is completely gone

i bring you to a dive bar to meet my lowlife friends and all you do is sulk

stuck in another existential cartoon

i bought a kinde i didnt kill anyone

you dont look like the bluebird of happiness

this is as social as i get

youre a nice guy who treats me well how will i explain you to my friends

ive run out of things to post on facebook

everyone breaks the fourth wall and i have to clean it up

profound clowns

bottomless pit of despair

sugar red meat gluten deficiency

whats a tape

greasy spoon date

law and order csi

what will i do with my life

american history ancient history browser history

what will you have try the pretzels

vacationing close to home

lower your standards

i need something to break the sexual tension

sup dawg


life all figured out

bass on the moon

accredited pharmacist

yes im a monster but i dont let it define me

every joke written every cartoon

haters gonna hate

how was your day

next stage contempt

jerk heres my phone number

are we in a parallel universe our marriage

are we in a parallel universe our marriage

im the embodiment of all your fears

why people use ATM bank deposits instead of tellers seriously

rose colored glasses for sale

im a cpa i cannot help you with your moral or ethical bankruptcy

dont worry we are insured

whats it like to be beautiful

i dont want closure

i had no idea happiness would be so boring

meditating on island

i some questions about our relationship

boring books

at least i still have my dignity

hannibals first plan

im sorry i cant talk to you i have a strict no narcissists policy

honeymoon stage of divorce

word balloon

word balloon



mystery writer

im just sitting here nurturing my brand

since when is being intelligent a selling point

will you shut up im trying to bask in the afterglow

will you shut up im trying to bask in the afterglow

youre really starting to annoy me

thats just my untethered id

i really need some space right now

these things are a great source of fiber

hey dad what is privacy

the good news is that youre no longer passive aggressive

my wide wants to know where i go on tuesdays


follow the yellow brick road

you were right this place is certainly retro

are we in the twilight zonw no worse we are in syndication

hi honey im home from the mines

i ate your guru

the word resilient comes to mind

sometimes i wish i was carnivorous

what i need is a good cry

you cant quit therapy ive been writing a book about you

modern love

i dont mind the job i hate the commute

victims of victimless crimes

artisenal trash

existential stand up

does this planet make me look fat

after two dates with phil

cheer up easy for you to say.

to cheap to get netflix chuck decided instead to binge watch paint drying

thanks for dinner but what i was realling looking for was someone in a higher tax bracket

scarecrwo and grim reaper

if it wasnt for these business meetings id never leave my apartment

anxiety and depression

tell me about your mothership

abandonment support group

now entering eternity no cover no minimum cash bar

my parents told me i was white and a shark but they never said i was great

there are two kinds of people i dont like men and women

this should just about cover my student loan

what aspect of till death do us part dont you understand

when you said i needed to get out of dodge i thought you meant it metaphorically

my phone is smarter than your phone my phone won a macarthur genius grant

thats funny your name came up in therapy today

let me through im a philosopher

and stop saying that we need to reboot this franhise

ill pretend im interested in sex and you can make believe you're interested in love and well get along fine

i told you we needed to examine our aging infrastructure

im a figment of your imagination

road rage lane

im preparing for the zombie apocalypse

i had an idea for a novel but im not sure if it fits into my oeuvre

results-of-experiment-by-linguist-hank-ferlinger-to-see-if-possible-for-things be nice to him he runs the whole show

strongst placebo

people much more successful than you are tv show

your honor permission to treat the witness as a moron

didi you butt call me yeterday

3 moods of men angry angrier and angriest

last night i dreamt i was married and lived in the suburbs i worry about you

i embrace the term bottom feeder

what does a robot know about an androids pain

Thank you for laughing at my formuliac hackneyed lowest common denominator material Youve 
restored my contempt in humanity

relax were just looking for a good optometrist

hes not very empathetic today

I may have failed out of law school but luckily i had plan b

cleano or sparkle hand sanitizer

no matter where we go we always seem to wind up back in crazytown

ferd thorp a great texter

couplets therapy

dinosaurs new normal

my comfort zone

umbrellas five dollars

app at delphi

haunted by lots of little demons

golden age of television

neurotic dating

you can go digital but im sticking with analog


chronos god of time

best doodle wrangler

media circus

hes a little snippy today

meanwhile in the post apocalyptic future

when chefs divorce

stop judging me

im turning into my mohter

we must stare into the distance and

when we were texting you never mentioned that you were a post modern sculpture

say hello to my new intern chuck

i hope you dont mind

are they ghosts

did you have to give me so much junk in the trunk

its uncanny shes reading my thoughts

recycled bag meets global climate change
where are you going
dont you remember me
what do you say we ditch these two losers
get well cards
lost my lousy attitudeAstronauts retro space suitsMap to the Movie Stars social conscienceZombie TeachersI think you may need therapySmarmy You're adoptedcemetery gravestone "Still Bitter ..."Wanted for unspeakable actsIt turns out that life was a popularity contestMan on desert islandA tree would be nicetwo frogs on lily pads, "It's a timeshare."bio luminscenceFlash to Wonder Woman: "I have you on speed dial"You can't take my bitterness away it's all I haveStaff infectionspecter of doubtsitcom ideasBluebird of happinesssimple goalsmute buttonBuzz Killerabusive alcholicredeeming qualitiesredeeming qualitiesspace time continuumcastle of plasticWhoever uses the most clichesRoad Rage LaneTo Hip for The RoomBreaking the Laws of GravityA little further offshoreSelf-loathing novelistAmerica's Love Affair with the AutoUgly-TalkMy oeuvreGod meets Godzillamakes senseDali's PlumberAvid Readergunfighter MimeStrange Men's Headsthree-laws-of roboticstrapped in a ventriliquist's bodyCastlesObsessed by DeathThe King of GeekdomMan's inhumanity to myCold and RefreshingI have no further questionsAnother senseless fondue accidentHe died without dignity; thank God.So much for following my blishdaily crises7777777No, this is personal injury, famly law is the next ring down.Modern Pigdot orgHitmen don't have cheerleadersReality is overratedPhilosophical debateI'm worried you're losing your fan baseRalph?I need an anti-inflammatoryYou still got gameI heard this onenicer in the brochureStates of existenceIt's so romanticpunishing godstench of failureStop saying you're crushing on meSmart PhoneI'm just trying to keep it real.Met in a ChatroomLucky bastardthe bitter and jaded classlow self esteemTrail MixThis guys really cramping my styleinferiority complexLOLI need a new support groupExistential HellYou need to find the right audience for your workMy relationshipsGods of TimeWhat's NewShe bought the novel I wroteExpensive Crap You Don't NeedDon't push your inner child coYou've been staring into spaceMarriage CommitmentSuper hero business meetingArtist InstallationI've been acquittedYour gallows humorNo daytime visitsCould we eat Cincinnati to take the edge offSome Life coach you turned out to beQuestioning realityHow's your depressionFuturist living in the pastInternist with no internal lifeGiant corporationLife is unfairThe love I never had as a childAbusive BankMy search for meaning has hit a quagmireDoodle in the marginsI feel left outNeurotic DatingI think I'm having an axiety attackExercise in FutilityEpiphany at TiffanyNew York LightswitchSending up red flagsWhat social media do you regularly visit?Playing the part of the victim will be your motherI hate youSugarMethod WriterSee you the usual timeWorld Without SarcasmSaturday Morning Cartoon ShowWriting rule #1Your superhero mutant character is great.Film pitch cartoonI' not getting my emotional needs metI want some blingMy reality check bounced too"Be like that"You're isolating againInvention InterventionNature Trails & NeuropathwaysThe Existential Storeblame the victim? That works for me.What should I tell the childrenI'm allergic to nutsI've been feeling dizzy lately, how about you?Exorcising My DemonsWhat else did Santa get meI want to check some toy websitesI'm going away for the holidayMan with a hyphenI'm Starting to let people get close to meStupid is the new intelligentI'm starting to hate myself more than I hate youhot for memost startups failquarks & neutrinosHappy PillsCompany Culture CartoonAnonymous alcoholicWhat do you have for obsessionWe never talk about meYou're very controllingWe're all slimeI'm tired of pleasingInnovative - we don't need that hereWine TastingEarly NeuroticProductA once mediocre civilizationQuarterly



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